5 ways to Increase your Confidence

Raymond D. White
4 min readDec 13, 2022

In high school, I struggled with self-confidence. Yet you would not have known that on the outside.

I was a three-sport athlete, with a 3.8 GPA. Active in the school’s student government, emcee for pep rallies and assemblies. Popular amongst various social groups.

Personally, I battled with insecurities centered on my identity, athletic ability, capabilities to lead others, and knowledge of how to navigate the unknowns in life.

I used to be so jealous of my peers who did not exude any of these insecurities. It made me think that confidence was a natural leadership trait.

However, after years removed from those days and reflecting back on moments when I have been my most confident self, I have found that we all were struggling with the same things. We just projected those emotions differently.

There could be natural traits to confidence, but I believe that it could be cultivated through reflection and action.

If you are someone who also needs a reminder of how to be confident, here are 5 tactics I use:

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Focus on your game

Focus on what makes us, us. What makes you, you? What is your game? What are the things that you know you can do well? What gives you joy? What gives you confidence? Do not worry about them. We are focused on you. What is your game?

Remember your training

Remember the things that have gotten you to this point. You have done the work before this point. Reflect on what helped you to this point. Lean on that to help you overcome the worry that you may experience or the lack of confidence that you may have. Focus on your game, and remember your training.

Define your tools

Define the things that you need to be successful. What tools and skill sets do you need to be successful? Knowing your gifts, talents, and gaps could help clarify those blind spots. Clarify those areas, and you will become successful in the goals you want to reach. This way, you remember the tools that got you to where you are and define the areas you need more help.

Work with the team

We are interconnected. We are not alone in this. If we are not doing these, we will not achieve success. We will not reach the mountaintop by ourselves. Leaning on the team that is around can help sustain us as we are taking action. It will increase our confidence in the things we can succeed in.

Lean on the skill sets and the strength of others. It gives you the confidence to stay in your lane, play your game, and know that you have support to reach the end goal.

Have a little faith

Have a little faith that you are there for a reason. Have a little faith that you will receive what you need to be successful. There is a story in the book of Matthew where Jesus reminds us to not worry about the sparrows because they got food. So, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will handle itself. Focus on today in the task that you have at hand.

That foundational perspective reminds me to be confident in who I am. It makes me understand that everything I need will be taken care of. I need to show up. I need to show up and execute. I need to show up and trust that what is happening around me is happening for a reason. I am there for a purpose. I have the skill sets, talent, and knowledge to take action and achieve success as a group. Not for me but as a group.

As a recap, here are the 5 ways to increase your confidence:

1. Focus on your own game

2. Remember your training

3. Know the tools that you have for yourself

4. Work as a team

5. Have a little faith

I am not saying to cut out worry because it will happen. Our worry will always come. But it’s on us to remind ourselves what are the things that will support us as we move forward. And even though we worry, or fear, we can still see success and triumph at the end of the day.

I want to hear from you! Take a moment to reflect on these questions and tell me what in this post resonated with you!

Reflective questions:

  • What would you accomplish if you had no worries?
  • How confident would you be?
  • How would we define success?


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