How to Sustain Team Alignment

Raymond D. White
6 min readJun 27, 2021

Leadership tactics towards getting your whole team on the same page

It’s tough to execute a plan when everyone is on different pages.

When I was a wide receiver in high school and college, I would remember receiving plays that gave me the option to run a certain route based on where the defensive back was positioned.

A few concepts were going on that needed to be considered when that play was called:

  • Do the players see what the coaches see?
  • Does the quarterback see what the wide receiver sees?
  • Do the wide receiver and the quarterback knows what to do in that situation?
  • Do the offensive linemen recognize how long to keep the defenders away to let the play develop?
  • If that main option fails, what are alternatives that keep the play moving forward?

All at once, the team needs to be aligned to execute the play correctly.

That mentality is no different when leading a team in the workplace.

Alignment as a part of our strategy

Let’s remind ourselves that getting aligned as a unit assists our ability to execute effectively. The most common areas that need to be aligned are our goals, visions, actions, and people. Then one of our role as leader to make sure that we define success clearly for everyone to follow.

But what can alignment do for you and your team? How could be aligned strengthen your position towards success? And how can you sustain it, so you stay successful?

This article briefly highlights the value of alignment for a team and the ways towards sustaining it towards your desired goals.

Which, by the way, this article was inspired by the short video reflection you can view below:

Alignment provides guardrails in the same direction



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