The Quick Reminder: Start where you are.

Raymond D. White
2 min readFeb 16, 2024

Start with where you are with what you have.

You don’t need more. You don’t need a miraculous moment to be your catalyst.

Today is your catalyst. Your time is now.

And the talent and resources you currently have are within your grasp.

Instead of trying to figure out all the steps you need to get to your goals, focus on these three things:

Turning your vision into action

  • See what it is you want to do in your minds eye. Sit in silence, write what you see, and feel the emotion once you achieve it.
  • Define that first step you need to make. Break down the actions to something that is manageable and doable, even if you were limited on time to do it.
  • Remember that movement helps your path get a little bit clearer. Movement turns to momentum, and momentum builds confidence.

Having the heart to start

  • Sometimes the path is there, but our feet stay cemented to the ground, hindering our movement. Fear, insecurities, doubt, pressure. Failure. All feelings and experiences that cause you to stay. And those feelings are real.
  • Courage is to see the things that scare you and doing the action anyway. When you minimize the scope of the effort to take the first step, you realize it’s not that scary at all because the what you visualized was just made up in your imagination.
  • When you look into yourself, the spirit that lives within you, you begin to realize you had what you need all along. Your Heart that is yearning to achieve what you see will swell into inspiration for you to get going.

Be connected with the right community.

  • Starting anything new is difficult by yourself, but it can be manageable if you had accountability. At least someone who knows what your endeavors are and wants to check in for encouragement.
  • There are communities that are directly tied to your goals, there are communities that are directly tied to your character, there are communities that have both. If you can find a group of people that represent who you are and where you are going, then your chances of success will be exponential.
  • If a community doesn’t exist, you may have to start your own. Find a friend, develop community virtually, boldly make your goals public. You never know, someone may be one there on the same grind looking for you to connect with too!

In about 10 years (or 10 months, 10 weeks, or 10 days), you are going to be proud of yourself for taking the initiative to start when you did. It can only go up from here!

What do you need to do to get started today? Let me know how I can help!

- Ray



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