Skill stacking changed my life!

Raymond D. White
3 min readOct 19, 2023
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Starting my podcast 5 years ago changed my perspective on success.

I was sitting in my Masters in Business marketing class, thinking that this degree will give me the authority to climb up the corporate ladder.

But the marketing knowledge was from a book written in the early 2000’s. At the time of the class it was 2018, where social media marketing has taken the world by storm and the book had one paragraph about it.

I thought that was weird that we had no mention of it, but it did push me to explore the blend of the old philosophy with the current era.

And that’s how I got to podcasting. I am a speaker. I like to talk. I’ve been on the mic for years. And I thought that by goodwill and manifesting, someone would put me on stage.

But I was a young buck, and people don’t want to have a guy who just talks. The need someone who will give them results through their words. They need someone who can give them inspiration and hope to take actions.

And I needed to practice finding my voice to get there.

Then I quickly realized it’s not just speaking into a mic: it’s the research, the message, the call to action, the recording software, the editing, the uploading, the promoting, the consistency.

Then doing it again and getting 1% better by doing so.

Then it’s adding guests on the show and making them the star.

Then it’s adding visual element to host on YouTube and other social media apps.

One action can spiderweb into other skills quickly. And I’m grateful for that because I can now talk to people on their journey towards attracting, engaging, and retaining their audience with authority because of the experience I’ve picked up over the years.

The trial, error, success, and failures.

And through that experience, I’ve been on stages speaking to students and corporate leaders. I’ve found my lane speaking about DEI, employee retention, and organizational culture while also using my lived experience to help the next generation. I’ve been in rooms with powerful leaders speaking with authority how to stay relevant and translate their gift to influence masses.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Don’t see your skill as just that one gift. Start exploring it as as a skill stacker that will expand to other aspects related to your skill.
  2. You will not get discovered sitting on the sidelines. Nobody will save you if you only cry for help. Instead, use what you know and take action.
  3. You must move in a direction with curiosity and discipline. That’s what makes the journey fun.
  4. People are waiting to hear from you. Practice in the shadows so that you are ready in the light.

What are you working on that is in line with your skills? How are you leveraging that to help you get to the next level?

Stay the course y’all!



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