The 4 “I’s” in Employee Engagement

Raymond D. White
2 min readDec 14, 2022

Now you are probably wondering, “Is Ray trippin’ thinking there are four ‘I’s’ in employee engagement?”

No, you are not trippin. Yes, I know how to spell (shout out to spell check).

However, I do believe that there are four “I’s” leaders should consider when enhancing an employee’s involvement within the team culture!

  • Initiative
  • Innovation
  • Inspire
  • Invest

BTW: this article derived from a YouTube Short I created! You can find it below!

Let’s break them down:

Make the Initiative

Be the first to connect with your team. Ask them questions about their workload, job satisfaction, career mapping, and how to support them.

Build a relationship with your team that goes beyond what they can produce.

Extend an Invitation

Incorporate your team’s voices into decisions, culture-shaping conversations, and strategic planning. Within this process, share the power and decision-making related to the work.

Create seats at your table and encourage building additional tables.

Inspire Action

Encourage staff to work within their strengths. Articulate the vision of the work and how they fit within it.

Let it be clear the reason and purpose of their efforts!

Invest in their future

Pay for training and additional education that will advance their skillset. Provide resources for them to be effective in their work. Remove barriers that will trip them up from completing a task.

Build up the next generation for success!

Which “I” resonates with you the most? What are additional ways leaders can strengthen employee engagement?

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