The Quick Reminder: Uplift Yourself and Others!

Raymond D. White
3 min readFeb 20, 2024

Picture this: You’re a parent facing the challenges of self-admiration, struggling to affirm your identity during life’s chaos.

I have a simple yet profound solution that I’ve been using lately,. It’s all about the words you speak, not just to yourself but to the ones you love most — your kids.

1. The Power of Spoken Affirmations

Consider this game-changing strategy for boosting your self-esteem: speak positivity over your children.

Affirm them with statements that resonate with their capabilities, worthiness, and the sheer magnitude of love they deserve. It’s not just about uplifting them; it’s about reinforcing those affirmations within yourself.

Imagine saying, “You are capable. You are worthy. You are loved,” not just to your children but to the mirror, looking yourself in the eye.

When you vocalize these affirmations, you’re not just sending powerful messages to your kids; you’re also sending them to the most important person — you.

Your Action: Speak Positivity Over Your Loved Ones

Take a moment each day to speak words of encouragement and affirmation to your children, partner, or even your pets. Create a positive ripple effect that not only transforms their perspective but seeps into your consciousness.

2. Believing Through Vocalization

Highlighting a crucial aspect of this process — the act of speaking these words allows you to hear them and, in turn, believe in their truth. It’s a dual transformation; as you affirm others, you affirm yourself.

The spoken word has a profound impact on our mindset, creating a positive feedback loop that can elevate our self-esteem to new heights.

Consider your journey of practicing this for an extended period.

The result? A deep sense of well-being, not just because your children internalize these affirmations, but because you, too, are reminded of the profound truths you speak.

Your Action: Look in the Mirror and Speak Affirmations to Yourself

Take a daily moment to stand before the mirror, gaze into your eyes, and speak words of affirmation to yourself.

Embrace the power of self-talk, recognizing the impact it can have on your mindset and self-perception.

3. Expanding the Scope of Influence

Whether you’re a parent or not, this advice extends beyond the realm of family dynamics.

The key is to understand that the influence of spoken affirmations transcends age and species. It’s about creating a culture of positivity and empowerment, radiating from your words and actions.

Your Action: Extend Affirmations to Your Entire Sphere of Influence

Consider how you can incorporate positive affirmations into your interactions with friends, colleagues, or even strangers.

Spread the contagious energy of empowerment, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and uplifted.

The Quick Reminder: Positive affirmations have a strong effect on you and those around you. As you uplift others, you uplift yourself — a transformative journey guided by the wisdom shared here.

Give this cheat code a try and let the words of affirmation reshape your identity.

You are capable. You are worthy. You are loved. And don’t forget, as you say it, you believe it, and the world around you transforms.

You got this! Rooting for you!


Reflective Questions:

  • What positive affirmations can you start incorporating into your daily interactions with your loved ones?
  • How can you incorporate self-affirmation into your daily routine, reinforcing your belief in your capabilities and worth?
  • In what areas of your life can you expand the practice of affirmations to create a more empowering environment for yourself and those around you?



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