What do you want to see more of in this world?

Raymond D. White
2 min readOct 10, 2023
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While listening to this affirmation podcast, I started to wonder why these words were being repeated over and over.

“I am success”

“I attract those that are aligned with my mission and vision”

“I have a gift that is needed in this world”

It’s not that I don’t think these worlds aren’t true. They very much are and I am a firm believer in the type of self talk that drives your behaviors.

It’s more of the act to project these phrases out there into the world with the intent of them returning back to you.

If I say these things, then I believe it. Then I start to see it. Then I start to act upon it. Then I start to receive it.

You begin to move differently because of what you are saying. And that makes sense. If you say you are a loser, chances are you will feel dejected or be apathetic because of what you say to yourself.

But if you say you are a winner, your demeanor and attitude transitions to finding ways reach your achieved outcome.

Words are powerful. Our belief in them shapes the world we see. If we are not careful and intentional, we can throw our lives into a spiral of mediocrity or, worse, apathy.

But when we are intentional, we can create beautiful moments that are impactful for ourselves and others.

We are the gap between our past and our future. We are the reason for the trajectory of the world. If we want to see more of something, we need to be the people that is putting that in the world.

But we have to believe that we are that fire that will catalyze the movement toward our vision.

I believe that we will achieve unity.

I believe that everyone deserves love.

I believe that everyone should belong.

I believe we all have a gift that needs to be on display through our actions.

I believe we can be successful together.

So my actions better follow through with that belief. And the more I act on those beliefs, the more our world will transform into that vision.

I’m just thinking out loud. What do you think?



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